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Awesome Features

Open 24/7 is available online for all carriers 24/7. We want to make your life easier and help you purchase your minutes, texts and data quickly and whenever you need them. Saving time and money by ordering your refill online is now possible! Driving down to the store or gas station to buy a prepaid refill is no longer necessary; you can buy your refill online whenever you want.

100% Secure

Our website is secured by an SSL encryption so we can ensure safe shopping and confidentiality when it comes to your transactions. Ensuring a safe platform and secure payment is our number one priority and something we pride ourselves on. We believe privacy is vital and would never share any of your details with third-parties.

Minute Delivery

When you’re running out of minutes, texts or data, you don’t have any time to lose! That’s why we deliver within one minute of your order if you’ve purchased a PIN, and instantaneously if you’ve opted for an automatic refill. Not only do we deliver right away, we also aim to make our purchasing process fast and easy. We promise you’ll be able to buy your minutes, texts or data through in less than a minute.